Individual Therapy

I provide short term psychotherapy to adults, teens, and sometimes children in Glendale. Information for clients

Stress Reduction Groups

Employees at both companies and organizations can benefit from learning easy and effective stress reduction tools.  

Intensive Trauma Healing Groups

As part of my commitment to making the world a better place, I have been developing trauma healing programs in the wider community, particularly for people who do not usually have access to effective treatment. Our intensive trauma healing groups have helped domestic violence survivors, formerly incarcerated lifers, homeless women and refugee children heal and move forward. 

If your organization serves people affected by trauma and you’d like to help them heal, call me.  

Success Coaching

Lots of people function really well in their lives and generally feel pretty good. But when something big comes up, like an exam, a public speaking engagement, a job interview, etc. they freeze up or worry they won’t do very well. 

If there is something you are preparing for and you want to do your best, you may not need or want comprehensive psychotherapy, but you may benefit greatly from a session or two of Future Focused EMDR. EMDR along with other techniques can be used to help you identify what you need to be successful, connect to your strengths, and prepare you for your challenge. 

Restorative Family & Group Meetings

Sometimes families, work groups, or groups of friends need time and a safe space to listen, hear, and connect. The goal is to repair any harm that has been done. People may need a chance to voice and hear differing points of view, take responsibility for their actions, or to open themselves to someone else’s struggles. Restorative meetings offer a chance to freely and responsibly express both positive and negative emotions

Restorative Meetings are not group therapy. Restorative Meetings were developed as part of a Restorative Justice process that brings together victims, offenders and community to repair the harm caused by a crime. The focus is on accountability, making amends, and understanding.

This seemingly simple approach of bringing people together can be so transformational that it is being used not only in the criminal justice system, but in schools, families, work places and communities. 

EMDR Consultation

As an EMDRIA Approved Consultant I provide EMDR consultation toward certification. I also provide consultation for basic training for therapists trained by Trauma Recovery/EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Program and the EMDR Institute.

Consultation is in person, by phone, or by video.

Linda Goodman Pillsbury, LCSW • 818-522-3952

California License# LCS 24069